Platinum Løuie (8mm wide)

$2,025.00 USD - $2,550.00 USD
Platinum Løuie  (8mm wide)

You can have anything you want written inside (or outside) and up to 87 characters. Be aware that the more you write the smaller it will be. Just leave your engraving request in the notes upon checkout.

Material : Solid Platinum
Width : 8mm

This ring is a heavy hitter. You can definitely feel the weight of it. There's no skimping on materials here, this is a solid platinum ring and by far the most comfortable style I have ever offered. It is a comfort fit band.

You can have whatever words you want engraved inside. Just leave what you want engraved in the notes upon checkout.

Note: These are done one at a time per order. They're not sitting on a shelf waiting to be sold. The item will ship within 3-4 weeks.