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This ring is made out of Russian bog oak (inside) and teak wood (outside). The bog oak has been carbon dated to be over 5000 years old. If you're looking for something super special, unique and historical, this is a must have.

Like all of the products here, they're hand made by Louie one by one per individual.

Standard width on these are 1/2" wide and 3/8" wide for sizes smaller than 9. If you want a wide fit just request wide fit and it will be 3/4" wide. If it's a wedding band please state that in the notes upon checkout and it will be 3/8" wide. If it's a thumb ring pleas request thumb ring size and it will be made thinner for the thumb.

A little bog oak info and history:

This Russian Bog Oak has been salvaged from the bottom of a river near the city of Chernigov. This precious material is also known as Russian "Black wood". It has been soaked in many years of history. Over centuries and a mellinium, sinking Oak trunks lay upon the bottom of the river. They lie there for many years without any exposure to oxygen, completely submerged. In result of the chemical processes, the sap from the wood and minerals from the water dye the wood a black color. The birthplace of Bog Oak transpires from a few extremely important components: Oak trees growing by the riverside, a certain speed of the river current, and a few definite minerals in the water. Bog Oak is an extremely rare and unique material which color speaks for itself. Like elite wines, this incomparable wood undergoes many years of preservation, enabling the wood to gain a few unique qualities. Bog Oak is incredibly stoic, and through it's longevity it obtains an unrepeated texture. For a long period of time Russian " Black wood" has been used in carpentry, jewelry, knifemaking, etc. In Russia there are many beleifs about the healing properties that Bog Oak contains. The wood is commonly used to heal people, and was especially popular as an item that usually surrounded people. This valuable wood emanates a type of living energy that people absorbed involuntarily, thus speeding up the process of healing. The age of these Bog Oak blocks has been determined by a radiocarbon analysis and it's about 5460 years.