Titanium (or carbon) Fordite roller (Limited)

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Titanium (or carbon) Fordite roller (Limited)

Made with actual FORD fordite. It’s not often you get rings with the real deal. These are going to be extremely limited and once gone they will be gone for good unless I can find more good Ford fordite.

Please see item drop down for options. If you want carbon fiber one the outside (last photo) you must put that in the notes upon checkout.

When getting sized please get sized for a wide band. They will be 10mm wide as my standard.

Note: There can be a 60-90 day wait for this item. It can be less but sometimes when there are sales I get a little backed up. Please be patient, I’ll be working as fast as I can to get orders fulfilled. If you need it sooner for a wedding, just lmk. I can try and work it out for you.